CW: Rape, Sexual Assault, abuse and consent TW: Rape, discussions of sexual assault, interviews and commentary of violence against women, gaslighting Whilst having a conversation last night with an enlightened soul, I had something articulated to me that I had been mulling over for a couple weeks. Why were all the apologies coming from misogynists, … Continue reading #sorrynotsorry

Enter the bi-osphere

CW: biphobia, bierasure TW: biphobic comments, drug mention, cheating Bi related puns are gonna be my new thing. Hi. Sharing is caring, supposedly, so I thought I’d share a situation that occurred last week at a queer fundraiser for London’s first LGBT community centre (which you can check out and donate a few quid to if you … Continue reading Enter the bi-osphere

Oversimplifying mental illnesses: the reality of a diagnosis

CW: Mental Health Treatment, Diagnosis, being diagnosed, Bipolar, BPD, Mental Illnesses, childhood trauma, the effects of mental illnesses, Eating Disorders TW: binge eating, self-harm, mania, emotional trauma, body image and self-worth ... Anxiety, depression, paranoia, personality disorder, panic attacks – the list goes on. In the UK it’s hard enough to actually get a diagnosis … Continue reading Oversimplifying mental illnesses: the reality of a diagnosis

The good, the bad and the ugly (of teaching)

CW: classism, sexism, toxic masculinity, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia mention, mental health TW: addiction, self-medicating, narcotics, alcoholism I thought I'd follow on from the theme of my last post. For a while I’ve wanted to talk about my experiences as an individual, rather than a professional, whilst undertaking the PGCE. However, the last post didn’t seem quite like … Continue reading The good, the bad and the ugly (of teaching)

Men too

TW: Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, blackmail, childhood trauma, sexualisation of children, relationships and sex, abuse.   I struggled to title this in a way that wasn’t completely misleading and not intrusive to certain movements. It is hard to talk about a.) the topic at hand, b.) said topic in a way where you are, … Continue reading Men too